Sunday, July 05, 2015
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"Modernity Scotland Ultimate Revision Book was extremely helpful"

Callum Franklyn, Alva Academy

"Investment in the Modernity Scotland website and book was worthwhile - both very good!"

James Fraser, Alva Academy

"The Modernity Scotland Website and Revision book were both really good!"

Megan McRobbie, Alva Academy

"The resources have been brilliant - could not have asked for more. Modernity Scotland was great!"

Emma Alexander, Alva Academy

"Love the site!"

Joseph Glancy, Dunoon Grammar School

"The modernity website and resources have been invaluable and were definitely a factor in improving results at Higher level".

Chris Campbell, Kilgraston School, Perthshire

"Its great to have such a resource available - a great help and much appreciated"

Jim Carmichael, Lecturer, Anniesland College, Glasgow

"Super fast delivery. Great book, polite and friendly service, excellent"

Clare Mason

"Great service - very quick and excellent product"

Ros Houldsworth, parent

"We found modernityscotland was a very useful study and revision resource during Higher Modern Studies at school"

Kate Wilson, former pupil, George Watsons College, Edinburgh

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#GE2015 Our PPT on #GE2015 is ready to view. There were plenty of fascinating aspects to #GE2015 and this PPT examines issues over voting behaviour and votings systems. There are plenty of examples which will be of value to you, especially if you do the 'old Higher' voting systems and behaviour study theme. Possibly also for the CFE Higher should a question on this area come up. If you'd like to download it, its here
The link will expire after a certain number of downloads so if you have problems contact modernityscotland. Please follow us on Twitter @modernityscot for other Modern Studies related content. 
CFE Higher Modern Studies The new Curriculum for Excellence (CFE) Higher Modern Studies course builds on the skills and knowledge of National 5 Modern Studies course. As such there are differences between the CFE Higher Modern Studies and the Higher Modern Studies course which has been in operation since 2007. Higher Modern Studies is the 6th most popular SQA Higher. This article explains the main differences between old and the CFE Higher Modern Studies courses .

Modern Studies in the Moment

Strong stuff by Jon Stewart on Charleston

I hope you have a great summer break and SQA results in August are what you hope for.

When you return in August, Modernityscotland will have moved from here to a new location at

There's a few reasons for this, some technical, and the new site is much more responsive for users who access it from a mobile device.

If you can look at the new site on a mobile device, compare it with this one and you'll see a big difference.

There will also be fresh, and in the case of crime and the law, terrorism and development, new content.

Hope to see you back in August!



Modernityscotland and Modern Studies

The Modernityscotland website provides online content for Higher and Advanced Higher Modern Studies.

Modernityscotland is managed by John McTaggart.

Please contact John for an informal and friendly chat about any aspect of Modernityscotland and Modern Studies.

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These cover all Higher Study themes and are updated every August.

Modern Studies is the 6th most popular of all SQA National Qualifications.

Read the Scottish Government's Excellence report on Modern Studies.

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