Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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"Modernity Scotland Ultimate Revision Book was extremely helpful"

Callum Franklyn, Alva Academy

"Investment in the Modernity Scotland website and book was worthwhile - both very good!"

James Fraser, Alva Academy

"The Modernity Scotland Website and Revision book were both really good!"

Megan McRobbie, Alva Academy

"The resources have been brilliant - could not have asked for more. Modernity Scotland was great!"

Emma Alexander, Alva Academy

"Love the site!"

Joseph Glancy, Dunoon Grammar School

"The modernity website and resources have been invaluable and were definitely a factor in improving results at Higher level".

Chris Campbell, Kilgraston School, Perthshire

"Its great to have such a resource available - a great help and much appreciated"

Jim Carmichael, Lecturer, Anniesland College, Glasgow

"Super fast delivery. Great book, polite and friendly service, excellent"

Clare Mason

"Great service - very quick and excellent product"

Ros Houldsworth, parent

"We found modernityscotland was a very useful study and revision resource during Higher Modern Studies at school"

Kate Wilson, former pupil, George Watsons College, Edinburgh

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USA mid-term elections The USA mid-term elections took place on Tuesday 4 November 2014. The results have been serious bad news for President Obama and will have a big impact on his remaining two years in office. This PPT presentation looks at all the issues a Higher USA (CFE or NQ) needs to examine; voting behaviour, campaign strategy, power relations with plenty of stats, evidence and video links. Contact us if you would like this resource.
Scottish independence Referendum Powerpoint The Scottish independence referendum was one of the defining moments in Scottish politics. Quite apart from the debates and the excitement, the aftermath reveals crucial data and information for students of Higher Modern Studies. Whether you are doing the CFE or 'old' Higher, Democracy in the UK, Scottish Government or Voting Systems and Behaviour, this file contains the kind of examples which will be of value to you in asessments. Written by John McTaggart and the Advanced Higher Modern Studies students of the GCU Advanced Higher Hub. You can download The Scottish independence Referendum PPT from here.
Higher Prelim paper Both CFE and 'old' Higher Prelim Papers are ready for posting. Posted securely to the named school/college contact, ready for photocopying. Prelims no longer can be used for appeal purposes but the 'dress rehearsal' educational value of a prelim cannot be underestimated.  
CFE Higher Modern Studies The new Curriculum for Excellence (CFE) Higher Modern Studies course builds on the skills and knowledge of National 5 Modern Studies course. As such there are differences between the CFE Higher Modern Studies and the Higher Modern Studies course which has been in operation since 2007. Some schools/colleges in Scotland will continue with the 2007 style Higher Modern Studies course and others will change to the CFE course. It really depends which school/college you attend. Both qualifications are worth the same UCAS points and Modern Studies continues to grow in respect and popularity. Higher Modern Studies is the 6th most popular SQA Higher. This article explains the main differences between the two courses which will run this year.

Modern Studies in the Moment

Greens' Election video



The National 4/National 5 version of Modernityscotland has been live since May and has proved very popular.

It works on the same principle as the Higher site.

There are a series of Articles, with integrated video clips on relevant Political, Social and International topics.

An annual subscription is just £120 and for a very limited time includes 20 copies of our Democracy in Scotland and the UK textbook.


Modernityscotland and Modern Studies

The Modernityscotland website provides online content for Higher and Advanced Higher Modern Studies.

Modernityscotland is managed by John McTaggart.

Please contact John for an informal and friendly chat about any aspect of Modernityscotland and Modern Studies.

Subscribers can access our premium content.

These cover all Higher Study themes and are updated every August.

Modern Studies is the 6th most popular of all SQA National Qualifications.

Read the Scottish Government's Excellence report on Modern Studies.

Read more: Modernityscotland and Modern Studies


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