Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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"Modernity Scotland Ultimate Revision Book was extremely helpful"

Callum Franklyn, Alva Academy

"Investment in the Modernity Scotland website and book was worthwhile - both very good!"

James Fraser, Alva Academy

"The Modernity Scotland Website and Revision book were both really good!"

Megan McRobbie, Alva Academy

"The resources have been brilliant - could not have asked for more. Modernity Scotland was great!"

Emma Alexander, Alva Academy

"Love the site!"

Joseph Glancy, Dunoon Grammar School

"The modernity website and resources have been invaluable and were definitely a factor in improving results at Higher level".

Chris Campbell, Kilgraston School, Perthshire

"Its great to have such a resource available - a great help and much appreciated"

Jim Carmichael, Lecturer, Anniesland College, Glasgow

"Super fast delivery. Great book, polite and friendly service, excellent"

Clare Mason

"Great service - very quick and excellent product"

Ros Houldsworth, parent

"We found modernityscotland was a very useful study and revision resource during Higher Modern Studies at school"

Kate Wilson, former pupil, George Watsons College, Edinburgh

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New Modernityscotland site Modernityscotland is accessed by almost all Higher Modern Studies students. The site is popular and successful. Doesn't mean it can't be better! The world of online learning moves fast and we're keen to provide a platform which provides the best and most accessible content for your Higher Modern Studies. So, if your school/college has subscribed to Modernityscotland you can now access our partner site which will give you your own personal log in, enabling you to post comments and questions on articles and issues in Modern Studies. And, unlike in the past, if your school/college doesn't subscribe, you can now take out your own subscription. Full details below.
National 5 Question Paper This year is a big, big year in Scottish schools. The new CFE National Qualifications are being assessed for the first time. Teachers have a lot on their plate. So, going to a lot of time and effort making up a National 5 'Prelim' may be one job on the 'to-do' list. Not any more! Modernityscotland has a N5 Prelim, with full marking instructions, ready for you. Full details below.
SQA Approved Modernityscotland is planning on running a Higher Politics class again this year. Modernityscotland is an Approved SQA centre. The company has passed a rigorous series of SQA quality assurance procedures in order to teach, assess and present candidates for National Qualifications. In 2012-13 we presented just five candidates. But we got 3 A passes and 2 B passes. Not bad. This year we'd like to present a lot more.

CFE Modernityscotland

From June 2014 there will be a new National 4/National 5 Modernityscotland site.

The site will contain all that you would expect; content for the options within the 3 units and advice and guidance on the Assignment and Question Paper.

It wil be in a stye which is accessible to learners, teachers and parents.

I'm a former CFE SQA Qualifications Development consultant and I know how to communicate the documentation and jargon of CFE in an accessible way.

I've been really enjoying putting the site together and I hope you like it and, of course, subscribe!

I really appreciate the feedback I've had from you on the content of the new site.

It's a flat £120 subscription across the board.

A subscription lasts from June 2014 till the N5 exam in 2015.

There are no powerpoints yet but I plan to add these resources in due course.

For a limited time subscribers can get 20 Democracy or 20 Social Issues books free as part of a subscription.

The books will, of course, be despatched now.

This is strictly first come first served and will continue until the stock of books is gone!

I pride the business in having fast, convenient relations with you, so if you want to take up this offer, just email or mobile here or contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

The paperwork can follow.

There will also be a CFE Higher site for next year, with the Powerpoints.

The site here will remain for those doing the current Higher Modern Studies in 2014-15.



Modern Studies in the Moment

If Ukraine was in NATO...


Modernityscotland and Modern Studies

The Modernityscotland website provides online content for Higher and Advanced Higher Modern Studies.

Modernityscotland is managed by John McTaggart.

Please contact John for an informal and friendly chat about any aspect of Modernityscotland and Modern Studies.

Subscribers can access our premium content.

An annual standard institutional subscription costs £120.

An enhanced institutional subscription includes a number of power point presentations (several per Study Theme) and costs £180.

These cover all Higher Study themes and are updated every August.

Modern Studies is the 7th most popular of all SQA National Qualifications.

Read the Scottish Government's Excellence report on Modern Studies.

Read more: Modernityscotland and Modern Studies


Change of Address

The PO Box address has been discontinued since January.

Our new address is 3 Hawkcraig Road, Aberdour KY3 0UP

if you think an order has been lost in the post (as a few have) please get in touch.


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