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CFE Higher Modern Studies The new Curriculum for Excellence (CFE) Higher Modern Studies course builds on the skills and knowledge of National 5 Modern Studies course. As such there are differences between the CFE Higher Modern Studies and the Higher Modern Studies course which has been in operation since 2007. Some schools/colleges in Scotland will continue with the 2007 style Higher Modern Studies course and others will change to the CFE course. It really depends which school/college you attend. Both qualifications are worth the same UCAS points and Modern Studies continues to grow in respect and popularity. Higher Modern Studies is the 6th most popular SQA Higher. This article explains the main differences between the two courses which will run this year.
CFE Higher Modern Studies The Assignment You may well have started work on the new CFE Higher Modern Studies course. The Higher Modern Studies Assignment is worth 1/3 of your overall mark. As such it is a critical piece of work. But it should be one you enjoy, that gives you the chance to spend time on an issue you are genuinely interested in finding more about. By doing well in the Higher Modern Studies Assignment you can take out some of the stress of the final exam, knowing that you have banked a good grade. This article takes you through some good practices and hopefully empowers you to get the best grade you are capable of.  
Modernityscotland 2014-15 Modernityscotland is accessed by almost all Higher Modern Studies students. The site is popular and successful. Doesn't mean it can't be better! The world of online learning moves fast and we're keen to provide a platform which provides the best and most accessible content for your Higher Modern Studies. So, if your school/college has subscribed to Modernityscotland you can now access our partner site which will give you your own personal log in, enabling you to post comments and questions on articles and issues in Modern Studies. And, unlike in the past, if your school/college doesn't subscribe, you can now take out your own subscription. Full details below.

CFE Modernityscotland

Welcome back!

There is a lot of CFE Higher content now on the site. More to come.

And the powerpoints, as promised, by the end of August.

You can see the approach we have taken to Articles for CFE Higher Modern Studies below, for the International Issues World Power: The USA

The CFE Higher emphasises skills as well as content, so there's articles on the techniques required for the Assignment and the Question Paper.


Sample CFE Higher World Power: The USA An Introduction

This section of the website, The USA, contains articles which are appropriate for the mandatory content of CFE Higher Modern Studies, which is published in the CFE Higher Modern Studies Course Assessment Specification.

There are a series of Articles, each of which contain video clips and links to other relevant websites.

All Articles contain the recent exemplification and analysis needed for success in the CFE Higher Modern Studies.

Political System and Processes

Article 2 The Constitution looks at the American Constitution; constitutional rights and freedoms and why the US has the unique system of government it has.

Article 3 Checks and Balances examines the concept of the separation of powers.

Article 4 Federalism looks at the tensions betwen federal and state power.

Article 5 Powers of the President examines how powerful any president can be in relation to the other branches of government.

Article 6 Congress looks at the balance of power in Congress and how this can impact on decision making.

Article 7 The Supreme Court examines the role the Supreme Court plays in American society.

Article 8 Participation looks at the various ways in which American citizens can get involved in politics.

Recent Social/Economic Issues

Central to any understanding of the USA is the concept of the American dream.

Themes of economic inequality and race are central to the attainment of the American dream.

So, rather than make these the chosen social/economic issues, economic inequality and race are dealt with in a thematic way, permeating the chosen social/economic issues of

Article 9 Immigration

Article 10 Education

Article 11 Crime and Justice

In the three articles above, there are evaluations of the effectiveness of government responses which is part of the CFE Higher Modern Studies Course Assessment Specification.

Role of the USA in International Relations

Article 12 US Foreign Policy takes a look at the long term aims of American foreign policy.

Article 13 President Obama's Foreign Policy is an evaluation of the most recent developments in this field.

Remember, CFE Higher Modern Studies is not just about acquiring knowledge, crucial though this is.

It is about applying the skills of the CFE Higher Modern Studies course.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you read these Articles in association with the Articles on CFE The Assignment and CFE Question Paper.

Hope you enjoy reading about The USA!


Modern Studies in the Moment

Gaffe or Masterstoke by the NO side?


Modernityscotland and Modern Studies

The Modernityscotland website provides online content for Higher and Advanced Higher Modern Studies.

Modernityscotland is managed by John McTaggart.

Please contact John for an informal and friendly chat about any aspect of Modernityscotland and Modern Studies.

Subscribers can access our premium content.

These cover all Higher Study themes and are updated every August.

Modern Studies is the 6th most popular of all SQA National Qualifications.

Read the Scottish Government's Excellence report on Modern Studies.

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